Vision Therapy Prevents More Surgery – Video

Matt’s reading and schoolwork improved and he was able to avoid further surgery.


Our son Matt, was diagnosed with having exotropia at 3 ½ years old (his eyes would drift). After extensive interventions, of eye drops and wearing a patch, that were unsuccessful, Matt had surgery to correct this problem. It corrected it beautifully for about three years, but then the exotropia returned. During these three years Matt struggled in school with reading and writing.

MattW1In the beginning of this second grade year, it was suggested to us that we have Matt evaluated for vision therapy – so we did!  Not only did Matt qualify, but we learned his deficiencies were quite severe. We began vision therapy immediately. At this time, I attended one of Dr Gallaway’s seminars. My heart broke as I learned what Matt’s world had looked like for the past eight years.

Our family put a lot of faith and prayers into this process and that it would work for our son. Matt was in vision therapy for nine months and on his final second grade report card he earned straight As. He has improved tremendously as a reader and writer. He has become more confident in himself and his abilities. And his eyes are straight – no more surgery needed!

Do I believe in my heart that vision therapy is to credit for many of his gains? Absolutely, without question! As a mom, and second grade teacher myself, I can’t thank Dr. Gallaway and the therapists enough for all they did for Matt and continue to do for other children….we are truly, truly grateful!

Lisa, Matt’s mom and second grade teacher, from Voorhees, NJ

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