College Student Thanks Dr. Gallaway

Michael felt compelled to contact Dr. Gallaway almost ten years after completing vision therapy to share how vision therapy helped shape his life and career path.

Dear Dr. Gallaway,

MichaelL1You may not remember me, for it’s been quite a few years since I was your patient.  Currently I am a graduating senior at Shawnee High School. I will be graduating with a very high GPA, and with honors.  As I look back over my school years, I realize the very vital role you played in my current success.

When I was still in elementary school, I struggled terribly with reading. I had constant anxiety not being as ‘smart’ as other kids. My parents were patient with me but noticed, when I read aloud, I could not seem to follow the words. They were told about your practice, and your therapeutic techniques and treatment for what might be an‘eye-tracking’ problem.  We gave it a go.  The sessions were enjoyable, and the ’homework’ was fun. I have great memories of how encouraging and patient you and your staff were, even though I was nervous and worried I would get answers ‘wrong.’

He is a rising sophomore at Rutgers, and finished his freshman year with a 3.95 GPA.  He hopes to apply for the accelerated program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. — Michael’s mom Krissa.

Not long after I completed the treatments, my grades began improving.  I began enthusiastically diving in to my schoolwork.  I gained great confidence and, to this day, absolutely love learning.  From middle school on, I have been on the honor role every single semester. I read voraciously now and received high scores on my SATs.

My parents and I are quite certain this outcome would have been far different, had we not found out about your work.  I look forward to continuing my education, and will pursue a degree in medicine, next fall, at Rutgers University.  Thank you so much for your part in my success.


Michael L

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